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Sean Wilson, 1201

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

November 23rd 2021 - Sean Wilson is appointed 1201st Portreeve of Ashburton.

Court & Law Day 2021.  Sean Wilson (1201) and Karen Turner (Master Bailiff)
Sean Wilson (1201), Law Day 2021 - photo by Amanda Germon

On November 23rd 2021, during Ashburton's Court and Law Day, Mr Sean Wilson was appointed the 1201st Portreeve of Ashburton - a role that was established in Ashburton in 820ad. Mrs Karen Turner was appointed Master Bailiff. Sean succeeds Cllr John Nutley who held the office for two years during the Covid pandemic as the 1199th and 1200th Portreeve.

"A little goes a long way"

In a short speech Sean thanked John for his service to the community during the pandemic - referring to his countless small kindnesses saying that "a little goes a long way!" He thanked Karen Turner his Master Bailiff and said he was looking forward to working with her and the Courts to uphold the traditions of the Courts and support the community as it rebuilds itself after the last 20 months.



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