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The Portreeve's Medallion

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

The making of a Portreeve's Medallion

Medallion for the 1201st Portreeve
Pewter medallion for the 1201st Portreeve

At the end of their term of office, during the Court & Law Day Ceremony, the outgoing Portreeve is presented with a Portreeve's Medallion. This is a medal showing the Town Crest and bearing the words "Sigilum burgi de Aysheberton" which translates to "The seal of the borough of Aysheberton". The medallion may be cast in bronze, silver or pewter.

Past Portreeves are required to wear their medallion to all official Courts events "on pain of being amerced"!

Master medallion
Master medallion

A "master" copy of the medallion was originally created by the Silver Lion Jeweller and used to create a rubber mould. This is then used to produce copies of the master. The mould will deteriorate and so the master is required to make new copies whenever necessary.

In recent years the medallions have been cast in Newton Abbot but as of 2022, Portreeves will be able to have their medallion cast locally by the the Silver Lion in Ashburton.

Rubber mould used to cast the medallions


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