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Dates for meetings and other events

Courts  Events

The Calendar shows all events currently planned for the Portreeve including Courts events and events held by other organisations to which the Portreeve has been invited.

Most Courts events fall on regular dates and are listed here for convenience.

Use the Import Calendar button below to import the Portreeve's calendar on your mobile phone or tablet.

Ale Tasting Coffee Morning

Saturday before Ale Tasting, 10am, Town Hall

Ale Tasting and Bread Weighing

Usually the third Saturday in July, 2pm, starting at St Lawrence Chapel

Six-a-side Meeting

First or second Thursday in October

October Meeting

Third Thursday in October, 8pm St Lawrence Chapel

Remembrance Sunday

The Sunday nearest November 11th, 10.15am, starting at the War Memorial.

Pre-Court and Law Day

Friday before Court and Law Day, 7.30pm.

Court and Law Day

Fourth Tuesday in November, 4pm

Portreeve's Sunday

Sunday after Court and Law Day, 10am at St Lawrence Chapel, process to St Andrews Church for 10.30am

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