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Ashburton's History and its Town Crest

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Ashburton's unique history is believed to have begun in Saxon times and is reflected in the Ashburton town crest and the continuing traditions of the offices of Portreeve and Bailiff and the associated courts Leet & Baron.

The town crest shows St Andrew's Church and the St Andrew's Cross, together with a teasel, the sun and the moon representing the wool, copper and tin industries.

Teasels were used to ‘tease’ woollen cloth to improve its texture, 1500-2000 teasels might be used on each piece of cloth.

What are the symbols on the Ashburton Town Crest?

The Church of St Andrew appears in the centre with the St Andrew's Cross to the right.

On the left is shown a teasel used for carding wool - an important part of the town’s wealth.

The sun and the moon are shown representing the copper and tin mining industries.

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