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Portreeve's Service 2021

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

A Little Goes a Long Way for the 1201st Portreeve of Ashburton

On Sunday 28th November 2021, members of the Courts assembled at St Lawrence Chapel before processing to St Andrews for the 1201st Portreeve's Service. During his address the Right Rev Dr Mark Rylands picked up on the new Portreeve's "slogan" - "A Little Goes a Long Way" - talking about how small acts by each of us can have a big impact on the community we live in.

The Portreeve often supports a local charity or cause during their time in office and the new Portreeve and Bailiff will be looking at where they can give a little support to make a big difference in their community.

Help us to Help Others

If you have any ideas for local charities, causes or projects that need our support - where a little will go a long way - use our Contact page to let us know! We will support as many as we can!

To watch the full service, including the address, click on the button below.



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