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Ashburton 4 Ukraine

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Working together to make a little go a long way 4 Ukrainian refugees!

The fundraiser is now closed!

Update 16th March 2022 - the online fundraiser is now closed having raised £2760. The first £1000 was match funded which gave us a total of £3760 which was paid to the DEC on Monday 14th March at the Ashburton Post Office. Thank you all for your support!

Ashburton is a caring community which I am proud to be a part of

Sadly we are now witnessing an extraordinary, unjust, humanitarian tragedy with horrifying consequences.

Thankfully, Europe has become united in opening its arms to the victims of this conflict - countless Ukrainian refugees are being displaced from their homeland. Aid is desperately needed in those countries receiving refugees.

Ashburton is also responding, it's clear that many people are keen to help - we live in a caring community which I am proud to be a part of. Not all forms of aid are helpful however, and we're learning that there are unfortunately many challenges to shipping aid in the form of physical goods and that poor quality donations are being shipped back.

So we have decided to assist with financial aid through the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC). This enables aid to be delivered locally where it is needed.

Ashburton4Ukriaine Fundraiser
Ashburton4Ukriaine Fundraiser
what's the best way to help?

You can donate to the DEC directly online, through Ashburton Post Office or through our online fundraiser - but what's the best way?

we can quadruple your donation

We're committed to doing what we can to help and so we will make you an offer. If you donate to our Ashburton 4 Ukraine online fundraiser by Friday 11th March - we will match the total raised by up to £1000. So if the fundraiser makes £1000, the total we will donate will be £2000.

On top of that, the government has offered to match fund donations through DEC up to £20M. So we could generate up to £4000 of financial aid!

£25 could feed 2 families for a month

To put this at a personal level - every £1 you donate, could mean £4 of aid going to support Ukrainian refugees. A donation of just £25 could generate £100 of aid which would feed 2 families for a month! A little really does go a long way!

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