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Katherine Pugh, 1203

November 28th 2023 - Katherine Pugh is appointed 1203rd Portreeve of Ashburton.

Court & Law Day 2023.  Martyn Brooks (Master Bailiff) and Katherine Pugh (1203)
Martyn Brooks (Master Bailiff) and Katherine Pugh (1203)

Mrs Katherine Pugh was appointed the 1203rd Portreeve of Ashburton during the Court and Law Day ceremony on November 28th 2023. Mr Martyn Brooks was appointed her Master Bailiff. Katherine proudly takes up a role also undertaken by her father, former Town Councillor and Mayor, Tony Pugh (1186).

Katherine takes up an ancient role also undertaken by her father

Katherine made a short speech expressing her pride in the appointment and thanking the Court for appointing her Portreeve and endorsing her choice of Master Bailiff and promising to uphold the traditions of the Courts.

During her year in office, Katherine will raise funds to support Moorland Community Caring (supporting people with dementia) and The Parent and Teacher Association of Ashburton Primary School.



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