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Karen Turner, 1202

November 22nd 2022 - Karen Turner is appointed 1202nd Portreeve of Ashburton.

Court & Law Day 2021.  Sean Wilson (1201) and Karen Turner (Master Bailiff)
Jenny Giles (Representative of the Lord of the Borough), Karen Turner (1202), Katherine Pugh (Master Bailiff), Mark Rylands (Court Chaplain) Law Day 2022 - photo by John Germon

During Ashburton's Court and Law Day ceremony on November 22nd 2022, Mrs Karen Turner was appointed the 1202nd Portreeve of Ashburton. Mrs Katherine Pugh was appointed Master Bailiff. Karen is taking on a role that was established over 1200 years ago in 820ad during a momentous year which will see her presiding over Ashburton's celebrations of the Coronation of King Charles III.

"Her dedication to our community is well known"

Karen made a short speech thanking the Court for appointing her Portreeve and endorsing her choice of Master Bailiff. She also praised Katherine saying "her dedication to our community is well known" and promised to uphold the traditions of the Courts..



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