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Brownies and Rainbows Awards

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Portreeve's Patches awarded for helping with Portreeve's Sunday

On Tuesday 15th February, Karen and I donned our robes and regalia before meeting with Ashburton's Rainbows and Brownies groups. We had been invited to join them and to explain a little about who we are and what we do before giving out Portreeve's Patches to several children that had helped during Portreeve's Sunday. We awarded patches to 4 Rainbows and 6 Brownies and to 2 of their helpers!

The children were surprised at how long we have had a Portreeve in Ashburton (over 1200 years) and we had several questions to answer - most notably about why the patch has the town spelled as "AYSHEBERTON". This led to a discussion about ancient spelling (or the lack of it) and some thoughts about what life might have been like for children in ancient times. We also talked about some of the ways in which the Rainbows and Brownies help people in the community and that the Portreeve and Bailiff also help and support our community.

The Portreeve's Patch is a special award for young people

The Portreeve’s Patch is a special award for young people who help Ashburton’s Courts Leet & Baron and the community we live in. There will be plenty of other opportunities for the Brownies and Rainbows to join in with Courts and Community events this year so we're hoping we'll be invited back to award some more patches soon!

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Portreeve's Patch
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