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John Nutley, 1199-1200

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

November 21st 2019 - John Nutley becomes the 1199th Portreeve of Ashburton.

Court & Law Day 2019.  Left to Right: Don Distin (Representative of the Lord of the Borough), Sean Wilson (Master Bailiff), John Nutley (Portreeve 1199), Val Smale (most immediate Past Portreeve, 1198), The Right Reverend Mark Rylands (Chaplain)
John Nutley (1199-1200), Law Day 2019 - photo by John Germon

During Ashburton's annual Court and Law Day on November 21st 2019, John Nutley succeeded Valerie Smale as Portreeve of Ashburton. He becomes the 1199th Portreeve in a tradition that has taken place since 820AD.

Also pictured are Cllr Donald Distin the Mayor of Ashburton and Representative of the Lord of the Borough, Mr Sean Wilson who was elected Master Bailiff, Valerie Smale the most immediate past Portreeve and the Rt Reverend Mark Rylands who serves as Chaplain to the Courts.

The Bank Youth Project provides vital services to young people

John will use his time in office to raise funds for his chosen cause the Bank Youth Project which is a youth centre providing vital services to young people who live in and around Ashburton.



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