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Portreeve's Pick

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

A little goes a long way with the help of our pubs and restaurants!

I want to support the businesses that have supported their community

As we all endeavor to get back to normality after the challenges of the last two years I want to do something to support the businesses in our town that have supported their community throughout the pandemic.

Hence the "Portreeve's Pick" campaign. The idea is simple, and is loosely based on the Veneziana Fund which saved Venice from sinking into the sea!

Look out for the Portreeve's Pick on the menu

When you eat out at participating pubs and restaurants in Ashburton, look out for the "Portreeve's Pick" on the menu. When you choose the “Portreeve’s Pick”, part of the proceeds are donated to support important local causes - it all adds up and a little goes a long way! Not only will you be supporting a local business - you will be raising funds to help our community!

It's a great way to help the businesses in our town, to enable them to support our community and to enjoy yourself at the same time - everyone wins!

Look out for news of participating businesses and offers

I am currently working with a growing list of participating businesses, keep an eye out for updates, news and social media posts as the offers become available:

  • The Bay Horse

  • Cafe Latino

  • Coljan

  • Creamo's

  • The Dartmoor Lodge

  • Greedy Bird

  • Rafiki's

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